CMA Confab: Dropping print. (Or not.) Making money. (Or not.) — Addressing post-pandemic struggles in our newsrooms.

  • 21 Jun 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM



As so many of us find ourselves contemplating changes in the post-pandemic student newsroom, questions abound. Should we reduce print frequency? Drop print entirely? Rely more on newsletters? No matter what we do, how the #$@!% could we make money in the process?

This CMA confab will feature an all-star lineup of advisers in the midst of making substantial changes as well as those who’ve made them already. You’ll hear new ideas and even success stories about coming out on the other side better—and more profitable—than ever.

Speakers kicking off the discussion will be:

  • Chuck Clark, at Western Kentucky University, who will discuss recent and upcoming changes, including having the print edition transform into a monthly newsmagazine, rebuilding the online platform and continuing recent success with a daily email newsletter.
  • Jessica Clary, who shepherded through similar changes more than a decade ago at SCAD, where students suddenly found themselves with the opportunity to feature portfolio pieces in print and online, giving them easy expansion into multimedia, with advertising advantages and ready-made audiences built into the process.
  • Laurie Fox, at the University of Texas at Arlington, where the students actually made money during the pandemic and where they’ve expanded beyond a campus newsletter into producing specialty newsletters for the city of Arlington and the local arts scene. They’ve even (almost) figured out a way to monetize Instagram stories.
  • Diego Aparicio, at Texas A&M San Antonio, who has been gathering information about where student newsrooms are headed and discovered how much print has continued to play a central role even as email newsletters and podcasting grow in importance. His work provides a window into our programs that he hopes can help us make decisions about where to go next.

So come hear what’s happening in college newsrooms across the country. Bring your stories and your questions.

It should be a great conversation.

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